Another year of growth: what happened at Person in 2017

2018. január 30. - NorbertBoros

2017 has been once again a significant year for Person. Parallel with our 10th birthday we have further matured professionally and in management.

The team has gained more than 30 years of extra experience by hiring 3 senior professionals. Dalma Antik and Ágnes Sziget joined as senior PR managers, while Vivien Jakus became Chief People Officer of Person Group including Person, The Cave and PaintCocktail.

As a Human2Human focused agency, there is a clear logic behind the approach that investments with the best returns are investments made in people.

Ági, with extensive background in corporate communication and employer branding, and Dalma, with a practical expertise from the agency sector and brand communications, have already proven the truth of the above statement. In the meantime, Vivien is focusing on introducing future-proof and democratic HR and management practices, having one vision in mind: making Person Group the best company and the best workplace of all.

agi_1_kozeli_s.jpg dalma_2.jpg dia_retus_small.jpg vivi1_small.jpg

We are also proud of ensuring internal career progress for our Personauts: Dia Korpácsi, undoubtedly the best Office Manager of all times, is now officially responsible for the financials and is holding the title of the CFO from December 2017.

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