Personaut tips #1 What to do in April?

2018. március 29. - PersonComm

As the days get longer and the nights get warmer Personauts are eager to leave the house (and sometimes the office ) to enjoy all the beauties and exciting programs this country has to offer. Check out our virtual bucket list of outdoor events, just as diverse as our team is. Whether you are a fan of arts, a wine lover, a travel addict or a gastro enthusiast, you will find your favourite here.


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

Internal influencers do exist

Nowadays there’s hardly any campaign without using influencers. Their effect is unquestionable and their popularity is unassailable. The only area we don’t really talk about them is internal communications. But are we sure about this? Isn’t it possible, that we have been using influencers for years internally, but we are not aware of it? Don’t forget: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet"


Social media - dangerous enemy or opportunity for internal comms?

Internal communications have undoubtedly gone through a significant change in the past years. Parallel with technological development, new features of workplace culture have also emerged. Decentralized models of working and virtual teams clearly demand strong online communications internally as well as support for collaboration.


How to answer changing media consumption trends and the changing needs of clients in 2018?

As the world is changing, the role and manner of communication must respond to the new environment. If it is possible, 2018 is going to be even more thrilling from the media consumption point of view. But how can we answer these new challenges? And what do we need to prepare for? We summarized some challenges and the possible answers for them.


I’ve got a blank space baby: communicate like Taylor Swift

Starting as a Nashville-based teenage country singer over 10 years ago, Taylor Swift grew up to be one of the most famous and highest-paid pop stars of recent times. Taylor’s net worth in 2017 was estimated to be around 280 million dollars, and at only 28, she manages an empire with hundreds of staff members, millions of fans and revenues off the chart. Surely, we can all learn a thing or two from her.


What do the Facebook News Feed changes mean for brands?

On January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would be changing its news feed algorithm to prioritize content from “friends, family, and groups.” Are these changes bad for brands? Perhaps as the changes roll out over the next few months, businesses will most likely see a significant decrease in organic reach. What you have to do to survive?


Employer Branding doesn’t exist

In recent years, Employer Branding has definitely been a hot topic for comms and HR professionals. As the so-called war for talents got fiercer and fiercer, it was obvious that traditional recruitment tools became insufficient to win. Companies realized that besides branding their products and services, they also need to promote themselves as employers.


Personauts take park by storm

When you’re at work and you look out the window and see that it’s a bright sunny day outside, it’s perfectly normal to want to be somewhere else. You certainly don’t have to be ashamed about it. You’re probably not the only one feeling like that. Here at Person Communications we all know this feeling and we act on it. This is precisely why our CEO came up with the idea for us to have a shorter work day in the office last Friday.

So we gathered up some refreshments and snacks and headed to the nearest park where we had a wonderful time and did some team building. We do these kinds of exercises all the time and strive to deepen the bond between us coworkers in order to be more productive and to work better as a team. We know what everyone else is working on by heart and we can jump in and help anytime it’s needed. Our motto “The team has the force” is not only for show.

You could say this is a prime directive here at the office and it shows in many ways, but I won’t go into all of it for now. That’s an article for another time. But I will say that we continuously strive to better ourselves and to put ourselves in the consumers perspective in order to better serve our clients. We did just that during our company picnic by consuming some well earned cocktails while we sat on the beautiful green grass only meters away from the rapidly flowing Danube river. We even took some pictures, click on the gallery below to to see them! ;)