Personaut tips #1 What to do in April?

2018. március 29. - PersonComm

As the days get longer and the nights get warmer Personauts are eager to leave the house (and sometimes the office ) to enjoy all the beauties and exciting programs this country has to offer. Check out our virtual bucket list of outdoor events, just as diverse as our team is. Whether you are a fan of arts, a wine lover, a travel addict or a gastro enthusiast, you will find your favourite here.


Dalma’s favourite

CityMatiné s07e01

CityMatiné is a daytime party-series based in Budapest, organized in the city's best open-air venues, playing the smoothest of music, and providing the finest BBQ in town. In case you want to take part in a party during the day, the season opening event is the perfect occasion.

Ági’s favourite

Budapest Art Week

Budapest Art Week doesn't only offer fascinating exhibitions, but also invites you to be a part of exciting guided walks introducing some of the most interesting hidden corners of our capital.

Andi’s favourite

Liliomkert Market

Definitely the coolest Sunday market in Hungary! It's a bit outside of Budapest (165 kms to be exact), but it's oh so worth the trip to Káptalantóti. Pro tip: get someone else to drive, so you can enjoy a nice glass of Skizo wine (or 5 nice glasses of Skizo wine).

Bea’s favourite

Rám Canyon

If you're a lover of hikes, don't pass on the romantic wilderness of the Rám Canyon. Despite the Hungarian name (Rám-szakadék) suggesting "it will collapse on top of me", the valley is a safe and truly amazing place to visit. However, be prepared to climb up steep ladders and get mucky from head to toe - but while you're at it, take some time to embrace mother nature and the beauty of the Dobogókő area.

Norbi’s favourite

Vad-Fa-Ló, Dömös

Surprisingly great restaurant close to Ram Canyon. Although you usually expect some terrible average Hungarian burger in a remote location like this, you will be surprised, because their food is more than excellent.
You can eat an outstanding hamburger made by deer, grilled deer sausage, homemade jam and a Transylvanian specialty, which is made of three types of meat: pork, sheep, and cattle. You can try home-made syrup, tea and other drinks. The environment is super calm, thanks to the nearby forests.

Dia’s favourite


This is such a quiet part of Budapest. You can relax, take a walk in the middle of the city, therefore it is a perfect place to leave the workdays behind. If you are addicted to sports, here you can run with a beautiful view. You can also go to the Zoo to find some wild animals, but if you prefer to chill out with a good coffee, just take a seat at the music fountain.

Fanni’s favourite

Ördögmalon Erdei Restaurant

Have a fine meal at Ördögmalom Restaurant in Visegrád! The wonderful natural surroundings are given, you can try the most beloved Hungarian fish, the trout beside the
forest and check out the waterfall. But if you are not a big fan of fishes, you might as well taste other delicious national dishes.

Vivi’s favourite

Party Menedék, Pilismarót

Definitely not a posh place, but with the scenic Danube view onto Zebegény and the delicious, freshly prepared beef and salmon burger of the house, it is definitely a heaven to relax. It operates seasonally, so check their Facebook page before visiting.

Kriszti’s favourite:

Káli Basin

One of the most picturesque parts of the Balaton Uplands National Park is Káli Basin, where beside the authentic villages, marvelous panorama is also presented.

Ada’s favourite

Cake Shop

Okay, this place is not only for spring, but it's the best cake in town, so it is a must-try all year round. If you're a fan of desserts (and who isn't?) Cake Shop is definitely a bakery for you. They're masters of cheesecake, and if you have some kind of food sensitivity, good news: there's even a Cake Shop Healthy with lactose-, gluten-, sugar-, dairy- or egg-free options.

Anett’s favourite

Szalajka Valley

Szalajka valley is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Hungary. Not hard to see why, as there are a lot of sights and activities gathered into a relatively small area. There is the Szalajka Valley, the 'Veil' Waterfall, the Istalláskő Cave, the Millennium Walk, the National Lipizzaner Stud.

Zsolt’s favourite

Picnic of Etyek

Excellent winemakers from Etyek and from other regions, treasures of local gardens, homemade meals, cultural programs, crafts fair - What else do you need to have the perfect day? 

Richárd’s favourite

Lunch at NaturaHill

Taste the slow food lunch in Zebegény. Good price, amazing view, excellent quality and a very quiet enviroment.

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